The holidays are coming, are you ready?

This is the baby Alpaca Chunky by Cascade Yarns. It might become a scarf for my mother-in-law!


















For me, the answer is a definitive no. But I’m also one of those folks who likes to wait until Christmas Eve to finish gift shopping and then frantically wrap presents before the family gets together. ..Okay, perhaps “likes” is not quite the right word, as it definitely doesn’t quite make me happy.

And sometimes, I try to convince myself that I’m going to crochet scarves for everyone in the family, or do something neat with wood burning, or pull out the watercolors. That idea usually falls apart around mid-November.

But there’s something else that we can offer our friends and family– the gift of experiences. Here at The Stitch Niche, we offer a large variety of classes year-round. So even though the holidays are definitely hectic and time constraints are a real thing, remember that you can do the next round of classes.

…And maybe one of these days we’ll all actually get those hand-crafted gifts finished in time!


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