Sad News

Dear Stitch Niche Family,

We’ve been here for almost three years now, and it really has flown by. From the day we started painting the shop’s walls we knew this was our passion project and a chance to offer Rolla a place to meet, appreciate, and learn from each other. We’ve participated in the shop hop three times now, and even joined in the Row by Row experience! We became the largest spinning wheel distributor in Missouri. You voted us the Best of Phelps County craft store three years in a row. We have made new friendships through this shop that we are utterly grateful for, and we’ve met some truly extraordinary people.

As such, it is with great sadness that I announce the closing of The Stitch Niche at the end of April. I love the shop, and its people, but my health will no longer allow me the luxury of all the time and effort involved in running the shop, taking care of customers, and teaching classes. Most of you whom I know personally are already aware that my health has increasingly become a problem, and after much heart felt deliberation with friends and family, I’ve decided to make some hard decisions.

Many of you already know that the social aspect of the shop was always the most important part of the shop, and the part that I have enjoyed the most. I have already ironed out the details with the City of Rolla’s Parks Department to continue all classes. Bag of the month, all crafting classes, and even the music program will continue undisrupted. All classes scheduled at the shop right now through March will continue as planned. In April we will start the switch over to the parks department and be settled there before the shop closes at the end of that month. A big thank you to Kristy Rich for helping me get this put together so quickly! We have the luxury of time and foresight to be able to make this transition as smooth and painless as possible.

The Stitch Niche was an amazing dream which was made real for three years. The very best part of it, the people and our time together, will continue on indefinitely. I’m so grateful for our amazing customers, my fabulous co-workers, and my business partner, Helen. In the past three years we have become an extended family. Each person contributed to my dream. I can’t tell you how significant that is to me. I appreciate every moment. Thank you for every minute, every encounter, and every experience. I look forward to all of our times ahead together.

~Rebecca and The Stitch Niche Crew

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