Crystal Palace Yarns: Panda Cotton


This product has sadly been discontinued. What we have now is all we’ll have, so stock up for your stash while you can!

The bamboo gives a great feel and a luster, the cotton adds a soft core and the elastic nylon retains the shape and makes it wear well for socks.  Panda Cotton is an excellent choice for infant and baby knitting, soft and holds its shape.


59% Bamboo
25% Cotton
16% Elastic Nylon

Handwash or Machinewash with cool water on gentle cycle. Dry Flat.

182 Yards

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0204 Ivory, 0205 Crystal Pink, 0509 Foilage, 0530 Mango, 0531 Crystal Calypso Pink, 0532 Endive, 0533 Orchid, 0535 Sandstone, 0536 Mars Red, 0538 Spa Blue, 0539 Playa, 2241 Rainbow Trout, 3646 Yellow, 8108 Tutti Frutti, 8109 At Sea, 8111 Lake Shore, 8112 Red Flare


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